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Three men entered the room and everybody stood up. the old women were sitting on the bench yesterday at 6 p.m. our children like ice cream very much. don’t forget to clean your teeth. oh, you are standing on my feet! there many geese and sheep in the farm.   i am afraid of any mice. there are deer and oxen in the zoo.
Tomorrov.i now look televizor.kogda peter entered the room his friend looked televizor.ty often watch tv ? when do you usually watch tv ? who somtrel television program yesterday at 8 o'clock .
Friendship is one of the best things in life. everybody needs a good friend’s shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to share the joys and sorrows with. it isn’t easy to find faithful and caring friends though. we can meet many people who will pretend to be our friends, but after all the true friends don’t leave or betray. friendship is a complex notion. people can quarrel or have some kind of conflict and still stay friends. and others, who never argue with each other, can soon split up. the same can be said about the relations among friends. those friends, who tell you the truth even when it’s bitter, are more likely to care about you, than those who don’t. for me friendship is round-the-clock concept. if i’m friends with someone, he or she can always rely on me. my friends can call me late at night to tell about their problems. they can ask me for help or support. i am lucky to have two best friends who would do the same for me. we know each other from the kindergarten and we’ve been through many difficult situations. i hope that we will stay true friends for a lifetime or at least for a very long time. my mum often tells me that friendship is like a tree. it means that under good conditions it will grow and become rather strong. as the years pass, the tree can stand firmer and firmer on the ground. the same happens with a long-term friendship. to form a strong union of friends one should give lots of love, patience, understanding and care. this way, true friendship can survive any difficulties.
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