2. Complete the sentences with the correct word.

1 )The plane made an emergency landing, but_
no one was hurt
1.immediately 2.luckily 3.suddenly
2) That skirt looks nice. Would you like to_
it on?
1.take 2.wear 3.try
3 He came first and _a great prize.
1.earned 2.did 3.won
4) I'm not _ good at geography.
1.very 2.incredibly 3.bit
5) I _on really well with my parents.
1.do 2.get 3.make
6) My brother's birthday is_ 14th February.
1.in 2.at 3.on
7) Are you looking_ to your holiday?
1.for 2.after 3.forward
8) My mum's brother is my_
1.aunt 2.uncle 3.cousin
9) Linda_me she had finished her homework.
1.said 2.told 3.replied
10) The opposite of ‘noisy'
is '_'
1.safe 2.quiet 3.clean
11 They drove _the tunnel.
1.through 2.under 3.across
12 My boyfriend's really _. He always gives me
1.mean 2.lazy 3.generous
13 They _ a really good time on holiday.
1.spent 2.did 3.had
14 Can you turn_ the TV? I want to watch the
1.on 2.in 3.off​


1.to go/went/didn't go

2to buy/bought/ didn't buy

3. to study/studied/ didn't study

4.to wash/ washed/didn't wash

5/ eat/ate/didnt eat

6. to play/ played/didn't play

1. they are happy because their child has entered the university. 

2. it  was great to see her last week 

3/ sorry i  have not  phoned you earlier. 

4/ he was very sorry to hear that you  had not  came in time. 

5. whenever i  drove past that restaurant, there always were a lot of people. 

6. have you ever been to an open-air concert ?  

7. my parents were angry because i  had not passed my exam. 

8. his brother told him that he ate all the fruit which he bought

9. at this time two   weeks ago we were lying on the beach.

10. beth (to becime) pale when she heard the news

11. i  was not  impressed with his new car when i saw it yesterday.

12. the aztecs  was an american indian tribe who lived in mexico.

13. yesterday when i  looked out of my window, i  saw that my children were runing in the garden.

14. i was sure he always  was your best friend

15. janet  has/had  never taken part in the concerts

16. when she  came home, her son  was  having supper.

17. i  had  read all the articles before mother  came

the flowers are watered by the wooman every day.

the house is built.

i am told to read this text.

the children are allowed to play on the beach.

the article is finished by him.


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