прям очень нужно!!!


1. many people are afraidof    spiders.

2. my friend ali is really good at    english.

3. but he's very bad at    maths.

4. i am really interested in    nature programmes on tv.

5. my brother is keen on    collecting stamps.

6. i'm very proud of  improving my english.

7. i'm worried about  global warming and the environment.

8. this table is  next  to the window.

9. the box the table.

i am changing my work.a librarian is giving me interesting book.i am giving an interview now.a dantist is working very fast.a office worker is going to home.a loving man is giving flowers to girl.a driver is going to shop.the tradishonal holiday is finishing very nice.atletics is jumping very high

you know that most of my summer holidays ended up boring and wasteful. i always hoped for an exciting and interesting summer holiday until last year, when my hope was successfully attained after i've gone to my first hiking expedition.  the reason i went on the hiking trip was because it is a requirement for the duke of edinburgh award. i didn't want to participate on the hike at first, but with persuasion from my brother, i finally agreed to take this valuable opportunity. the requirement of this award is to hike for at least 30 kilometers over two days and one night. i went on the hike with a group of teenagers who every one of us had never met before. at the end of the trip, we became great friends. i had to admit i was extremely regretful during the first few hours of the expedition. i thought i should have spent my summer holiday comfortably instead of coming out in the steam.  once we arrived on the campsite, the first action we took wasn't to rest. rather, we built cooking shelters and set up our tents. afterwards, we split into two groups. one group had to prepare the night's dinner and the other was in charge to filter water that had been taken from the nearby lake.  after this hiking expedition, i have arranged a couple of backpacking trips with my friends during the long summer holiday. hiking is definitely worth going to because it is not only fun and interesting, also, i can learn how to work with others. sometimes, i can even test my leadership skills. when i head back to school, i will never have the time to go on hikes until the next summer that's  

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