B) Fill in: cosy, tree-lined,
local, cosmopolitan, ancient,
nature, clothes. Make sentences
using them.
... restaurants


был молодой человек, который был укушен двадцатью кошками и котенком. кричавший он, "это ясно мой конец, вполне рядом независимо от того! я умру как британец! "

every polite person has good manners. such person is never rude to his/her classmates and teachers. he or she doesn't interrupt people and doesn't forget to say 'thank you'.

if you have good table manners, you sit up straight, don't eat with your fingers and don't talk with your mouth full.

name: mikhail

family name: lomonosov

nationality: russian

country: russia

he is a great csientist and writer

interests: natural science,physics,mineralogy,history,art,optical devices



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