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1) what did you  get    for your last    birthday ?

2)  who is  your english    teacher?

1) раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в present simple,

    a) these cadets work in the port every friday.

    b) we go  to bed very late.

    c) his ship does not call at this port.

2) вопросы к предложениям (к подлежащему, общий, специальный)

    john goes to the library every day.

when does john go to the library.

who goes to the library every day.

where does john go every day.

what does john do every day

3) поставьте нужную форму глагола to be.

    a) john is speaking to his father now.

    b) my parents are working in the garden now.

    c) my brother is doing his homework in his room.

4) переведите.

    дон учится в речном училище. 

john studies in phylology school.

  we went to polly"s house. it  was  near the sea! today we went to the watersports centre and the aquarium. after the aquarium we  saw a woman in a cafe. it was the same woman. she  went to the house   and looked under the mat! she saw   us and left  the cafe. she left  her glasses case on the table. we followed her but she got in her car and drove away. rick looked inside the case. it wasn"t sungtasses. it was a tiny computer with an e-mail on it!                    

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