Переведите 3 во


1) he is playing at the concert today.

2) what are you watching? - do not you see! it's football.

3) what are you listening to? - it seems to me i hear footsteps outside.

today i had p.e. class. we did something other than do exercises though. instead we all went on a field trip to a sport musuem. we went in our comfortable uniforms, brought out exercise-books, pencils, and lunches. at the musuem we got a chance to do some handicrafts. when we had to go, i was really sad. i sad goodbye to a nice lady who worked there, and she replied me back with "see you later! ". i guess she knew that it wouldn't be my last time there!    

1) Писатель думает, что когда ты улыбаешься, люди могут улыбаться в ответ.
2) Писатель много знает о связи в офисе.
3) Писатель говорит, что людям нужно развивать навыки слушания.
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