Imagine you are at Sunrise summer camp.
Write a letter to your friend about morning, afternoon, evening activities there.
Answer some questions:
What do you do there? What are you doing this weekend?
Ask Sam about:
-daily routine;
-favourite activity;


1)it's not a very nice day

2)what miserable weather!

3)it's starting to rain

4)the weather's fine

5)there's not a cloud in the sky

6)the sun's come out

7)we had a lot of heavy rain this morning

8) it's going to freeze tonight

9) it's supposed to clear up later

10) what a nice day!

1. because the awful storm and a huge wave began covered their boat.

2. the boat went to whirlpool because there was a strong wind and waves.

3. he tied himself to the barrel, that would help him with swimming.

4. because his brother was scared.

5. because he told them his story, but they did not believe him.

kim:               good evening!

waiter: good evening,can i help you?

k: yes i'd like a table for two,please.i'm waiting for a friend who is coming      later.

w: smoking or non- smoking?

k: non- smoking,please.

w: here is your table.are you ready to order?

k: yes.i'll have the tomato soup to start with.

w: and to follow?

k: what are today's specials?

w: today's specials are chicken with potatoes and cucumber what would you like for you main course?

k: i'll have the chicken.could i have it with chips,please?

w: of course.would you like something to dring?

k: yes i 'll have glass of orange juice ,please.could i have the desserts menu,please?

w: certanly.what will you have for dessert?

k: i'll have strawberry ice-cream.

w: anything else?

k: coffee,please.

w: with or without milk and sugar?

k: with milk but no sugar,please.(after she finishes her meal)

    can i have the bill,please?

w: here you are.that's $14.75.

k: do you take viza?

w: yes we do.

k: here is my card.(after the waiter comes back)thank you very much.

w: you're welcome.good bye.

k: good bye.

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