Choose the correct item.

1)The living standard of population _ last year.
a) fall; b) fell; c) has fallen.
2)Last time the economist _ changes in prices.
a) haven’t analyzed; b) hasn’t analyzed; c) didn’t analyze.
3)I _ in London but I do hope to go there soon.
a) have never lived; b) didn’t never live; c) have never live.
4)She _ the telephone bill yet.
a) didn’t pay; b) hasn’t paid; c) haven’t paid.
5)___ they _ a correct decision yesterday?
a) Did/make; b) Have/make; c) Have/made.
6)Last year sales were poor. This year they are better. Sales _ .
a) improved; b) has improved; c) have improved.
7)A: When _ you _ working here?
a) have/started; b) did/start; c) did/started.
B: In 1999.
8)The world population _ in recent years.
a) has increased; b) have increased; c) increased.
9)The markets_ a sharp fall last week.
a) have had; b) had have; c) had.
10)We can’t supply the goods because they_ the deposit.
a) didn’t paid; b) didn’t pay; c) haven’t paid.


  1. more regular 2.even slower 3.even louder 4. more fast 5.less 6.worse 7.more 8.more far.

стартовать значить наать;


4. Переделайте предложение в Passive Voice

They have never climbed the mountains before

The mountains have never been climbed before

She always put the cups in the cupboard

The cups are always put in the cupboard

She gave Nick all the necessary things

Nick was given all the necessary things

5. Поставьте прилагательные в нужной степени сравнения

This poster is more colourful than the one in the hall

This soup is better

6. Вставьте нужные местоимения *

If you work ... you will get good results*

Who knows the answers to these questions?

There is some (OR no) food in the fridge

The student cannot solve this problem* …

7. Переведите предложения, используя нужный модальный глагол

Он никак не хотел нам Вы должны проверить новое оборудование

You must test the new equipment

Он, возможно, готовиться к экзамену

He may be revising for the exams


В этих предложениях не нужны местоимения – проверьте источник и пишите мне в ЛС завтра днем после 12 посмотрю

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