1. She is one of . (good) tennis players in the world.
2. This coffee is weak. I like it a bit . (strong).
3. The room in the hotel was really big. I expected (ожидал) it to be . (small).
4. Russia is . (big) country in the world.
5. The weather is too hot in this city. I'd like to live somewhere . (cold).
6. Your work isn't very good. I know you can do . (bad).
7. My home task is a bit boring sometimes. I'd like to do something . (exciting).
8. It's . (old) church in my city.
9. Everest is . (high) mountain on the planet. ПРЕВОСХОДНАЯ СРАВНИТЕЛЬНАЯ СТЕПЕНЬ СДЕЛАЙТЕ!


my name is . i think i'm very friendly and good person. 

my best friend . he\she is very nice and good friend. we always hanging out together. we always have a fun.

my dad's name is . he is very good father and the same about me mom. i love them so much

i decided to be a journalist. i think it is an interesting and useful profession.i like to watch tv, listen to the radio, read newspapers and magazines. i like everything which connected with mass media.i have a hobby. my friends and i are publishing a small newspaper once a month in our school. we write articles about school events, life of young people, jokes, draw pictures and caricatures. my favourite school subjects are history and literature.i like the profession of a journalist. they meet many people. they try to understand what is going on in the world, or the country, or the city and try to explain it to other people.i think that the work of a journalist is very much like that of historian. a historian studies and tries to explain events of the past and a journalist does the same about the present.but for me to be a journalist is much more interesting than to be a historian because you deal with real events that are happening right now so you can even influence them.so journalists can influence the history. that is why i want to be a journalist.

i have broken my arm. – я сломал руку. 

i have done the work. – я выполнил работу.

we have done the work. – мы выполнили работу.

you have done the work. – ты выполнил работу.

he (she, it) has done the work. – он (она, оно) выполнил работу.

they have done the work. – они выполнили работу.

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