The flat of my sister, the son of her mother, the name of this man, the mark of our student ,
the balls of children, the parents of that boy , the hobby of these gentlemen , the food of those dogs ,
the parents of that boy .

II. Use definite article “the” with geographical names.
1. What's_longest river in_world? Is it_Amazon
or_.Nile? I'm terrible at_Geography.
2.What's_longest river in_world? Is it_Amazon
or_. Nile? I'm terrible at_Geography.
3.Burt loves islands.
He has been to_Cuba,_Bali,_Bahamas, _Philippines.
And_next year, he wants to go to_Madagascar.
4.__ British Prime Minister lives in _ Downing Street 10 and goes to work
5.The capital of _ Australia is_ Canberra.
6.The capital of _Australia is _Canberra.
7._ Africa is much larger than _ Europe.
8._Hoverla is thehighest peak.
9.___ River Thames is in___ United Kingdom.
10.Smiths prefer to spend the winter holidays in _ Himalayas

III. Use reflexive pronounse (myself, yourself, herself, himself, ourselves, themselves, yourselves).
1.I wrote this poem_ .
2.He cut _ with a knife while he was doing the dishes.
3.My mother often talks to___ .
4.Alice and Doris collected the stickers _ .
5.Bob made this bike _ .
6.We had to explain _ to the teacher.
7.I cleaned the house_.
8.Alice saw in the mirror_ .
9.Tina and Bob are very organised. They planned their hoidays _.

IV. Imagine your travel to the UK. Describe it. What placesof interest would you like to visit?







when .. you at work yesterday? - i .. there at 8 o’ brother . not ill now.i .. not in kyiv now. i .. in london.all my family ..will at home tomorrow.when he .. young, he   was a pilot.she is a good student.where were you last friday? – i was at the cinema.nick was ill last month.where is your father now?   i think he will   not be   a doctor.

1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a, 5-d,6-b, 7-a, 8-b, 9-c, 10-c, 11-b, 12-a, 13-d, 14-c, 15-a,16-d, 17-c

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