He (spend) last summer in the country.
What your brother (do) now?
He (not write) à composition by next Monday.
My sister (wash) the dishes every morning.
You (go) to the south next summer?
When I (ring) Mike up yesterday, he still (learn) à poem.
If you (not help) me, I (not do) this work by 5 o’clock tomorrow.
Yesterday he (go) for à walk only when he (do) his homework.
I (not go) to the cinema tomorrow, I (watch) TV the whole evening.
When I came to the station, the train already (leave).
We (not grow) tomatoes next summer.
You ever (be) to Piccadilly Circus?
What you (buy) at the shop yesterday?
If it (not rain) tomorrow, we (not stay) at home.
When he (come) tomorrow, I still (do) my homework.
Look! My friends (play) volleyball.
He (not read) this book since he was à pupil.
You (write) this letter by the time she (come) tomorrow?
“Mary usually (watch) TV in the evening?” “No, she _.
What you (do) at 6 o’clock yesterday?



1) you must pass passport control at the airport.

2) i don't have to be home exactly at 6 pm everyday, because i'm 17.

3) should i translate all these documents at once?

4) he thought that he had to shake hands with everybody, but the traditions were different in that country.

5)i must get permission for the exam as soon as possible.

6) justin thinks that angelina shouldn't change her appearance.

stay at a hotel is the best.the beds always are comfortable and you can eat at the restaurant when the weather is awful. i hate camping because it often rains.what do you think

all of us we live in the same world. however two can look at the same event, hear the same words, but give them absolutely various senses. thanks to it we receive a rich variety of human values, political directions, religions, interests and motives. the conflict arises when we insist that important for us should be important and for others.imagine: once each of us has believed that in life there is something important, standing efforts, time and emotional heat. someone is assured that the main business of life should become timely washing of ware which cannot be postponed for a minute after the dinner is eaten. someone never is not late anywhere and considers as a terrible insult when others dares to be late for meetings to it. someone is convinced that any normal person should receive necessarily the diploma about higher education. others firmly believe that the person respecting cannot receive the income below 2000 dollars a month. some wives know that необоходимо to throw all interesting affairs, to sit down in an armchair, to make a sad look and to be upset, if the husband has come home on an hour after the usual. their husbands, in turn, can be programmed that if at you something is not got on on work, it is necessary to go to a bar and to get drunk. someone is convinced that there is nothing more important, than to give all attention to children. someone goes on fishing, plays cards, struggles for world peace or reflects on sense of the universe, for days on end lying on a sofa.conflicts begin when we extend this value far beyond our personal interests and we convince ourselves that all progressive mankind should live by the same rules. (and if who does not follow these rules, it means at it simply «not all houses», or – an obstinate numskull which meanwhile nobody has taught to respect traditions). now it seems to you that you парнер does many things not simply "in own way", and it is wrong.

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