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london is the capital of great britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. it is situated on the both banks of the thames. london is one of the largest cities in the world. it's population is more than 9 million people. london was founded more then twenty centuries ago.

the east end includes the poorer districts, the industrial center, the port, the london docks. the streets here are narrow and dirty, the houses are poor. working class families live here. london is famous for its wonderful places of interest such as the british museum, the tower of london, buckingham palace, and many others.

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лондон - капитал великобритании, ее политического, и культурного центра. это расположено на обоих банках темзы. лондон - один из наибольших городов в мире. это - население - больше чем 9 миллионов человек. лондон был основан более тогда двадцать столетий назад.

ист-энд включает более бедные районы, индустриальный центр, порт, лондонский портовый бассейн. улицы здесь являются узкими и грязными, здания бедны. семьи рабочего класса живут здесь. лондон известен его замечательными достопримечательностями, типа британского музея, башня лондона, букингемского дворца, и многих других .

my holiday begins this month. after school i am very tired,so i want to go to camp and to take a rest. there i will get many friends, will meet with many different people. i will spend a nice time with friends. we will play lots of games and i will enjoy my holiday.i think i will feel me very good in camp. but i am afraid i will miss my parents and my sister(brother). but my parents told me,that they will call me sometimes,we will talk by phone and i will not miss them.so i finally decide to spend my holiday in camp.


thank you very much for your nice christmas card. you asked me to write about my family. our family is a typical russian family: a father, a mother, two children and a cat. we are an intelligent family and we get on well with each other.

my mum is a science teacher. she is sociable. her hobby is painting. my dad is a computer programmer. he is close. he has a good sense of humour. my little sister ann is funny and sometimes naughty.

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