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monkeys are the closest relatives of man.monkeys are less prime.they have long tails,they often use as an additional ,,hand,, .this animals live in the tropics,because they can eat tropical fruits.monkeys and primates are common in africa and asia.they live in south america,too.probably the most
interesting of the huge primates.there are three groups in primates.there are chimpanzees,gorillas and orangutans.monkeys sleep in night.

the world of literature is very various. there are lots of different writers who create different kinds of books. my favourite style is a detective story. i like to read exciting stories about mystic crimes, clever detectives and artful criminals. so it`s not surprising that my favourite writer is agatha christie. her books are always very interesting. me favourite character is hercule poirot. he is very intelligent and keen that`s why he can solve any riddle. i think that agatha christie is the queen of crime as her language is simple and her crimes are not bloody but very intricate. i never can guess the murdere till i finish the book. some days ago i started to raed "death on the nile" and i enjoy this book very much. i advise you to read agatha christie too.  

1. samanta was looking out the window when she saw tom.

2derec was  hurting the leg when he played football.

3arthur was watching match when the electricity went off.

4mary was haveng bath when the door bell rang.

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