Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7класс​

 Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7класс​


1) we haven't got a nice flat

4)i don't speak english

2) he hasn't got a friend

5) robin doesn't travel in time

3) she doesn't live in a hotel

6) you don't drive a car

1)he  has lost  his car keys

2)he      falls  over

3they have a baby

4)we  have not eaten all day

5)they  have  just scored a goal

6)she  has missed  the bus

дано не совсем корректно непонятно чего надо

christmas tragedy with happy end

christmas eve it’s a time when magical things happen.

i’d like to tell you a real story that happened last year on christmas eve.

that evening i together with a friend went to greet my grandparents who live not far from us. everything went very well, we were having fun, but finally were supposed to go home. we said good-bye to my grandparent and run home to have a party with my parents and their friends. as soon as i live on the 5-th floor, i never hesitate to use an elevator. i pressed the button, the elevator arrived, opened the door, we entered, pressed the necessary button, the door closed, and than we heard a strange sound that reminds sound of a dying light bulb, the light switched off and the elevator stopped.   all this happened 40 minutes before midnight. we were staying in that dark quiet box.

thanks god, i had my cellular phone with me, i called my parents, and they called the elevator repair company, but nobody answered there.

than my friend and i began to plead santa tearfully to do a miracle and let us out of the elevator. and i think that we asked him so earnestly to do a miracle, that that miracle happened: the light turned on and the door opened three minutes before midnight.

and we all had a really happy christmas.


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