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•our inform    wants to   protect the   environment.

•  we fight against water and air    pollute

•are you unhappy with the ecological situate  in your region?  

•send us some organise  about it and we`ll try to help. 

после комы:

1. do not you?

2. do you?

3. does not she?

4. does not he?

5. do you?

6. does she?

7. do you?

8. do not you?

they went to the cinema.

they did not go to the cinema.

did they go to the cinema?


she bought a new computer.

she did not buy a new computer.

did she buy a new computer?


she studied for a history test.

she did not study for a history test.

did she study for a history test?


there were two thousand people at the concert.

there were not 2000 people at the concert.

were there 2000 people at the concert?


he called ten minutes ago.

he did not call 10 minutes ago.

did he call 10 minutes ago?


the film started at 9: 00.

the film did not start at 9: 00.

did the film start at 9: 00?

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