Fill in shall, will or be going to. 1) Mark is going to travel to France. He has already bought a ticket


1. am 2.has 3.have 5. have 6. are 9.has 12.are 13.are 15.are, are 16.has

it was great.i spent this time with my friend.we went for a walk.we watched tv.we ate cake,of couse.we went to the cinema and we watched interesting film.but on the 31 of december i was with my parents and grandparents.we celebrated new year together.i played computer games.i went to the zoo.i went to the art museum.i went to the cafe and did other funny,my winter holidays were grade.

my family consists of  three people.  i'm  mom and dad.  i  was nineteen,  i work  in a hospitalspetsalistom  hr.  my  mother  thirty-seven years.  she has her own  shop,  it  privateperdprinematel.  my father  for forty years.  he works for  an oil company.  we love  to spend timetogether  often.  our family is very  friendly,  we help each other  in everything "

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