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the recipe of sandwiches with sprats: roast toasts, rub them on the one hand with garlic and smear with butter, put on a carcass of a small fish, a circle of the egg welded вкрутую, a segment of a cucumber or a tomato and a branch of parsley.sandwiches with sprats are ready.

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рецепт бутербродов со шпротами : поджарьте гренки, натрите их с одной стороны чесноком и намажьте сливочным маслом, положите по тушке рыбки, кружочек яйца, сваренного вкрутую, дольку огурца или помидора и веточку петрушки.бутерброды со шпротами готовы.

1he said that they lived in oxford

2 the young scientist said that when the world run out of iron we would mine the moon

3 he said that the meachanical   clock in salisbary cathedra had been working since 1386 and it was oldest working clock

4 he said   that we will have the steak for dinner

5 he said that we will go for a walk

6 he asked her did she know where he put his umbrella

7 she asked her sister will go with her

8 his mother told to him   will go to his room and do his home work

9he said that he should answer all my questions

10   the little boy asked his parents that what they had bought to him for christmas

my name is sam (you can write any name). there are some things, that i don’t like about going to school. first of all i can’t wake up so early in the morning. secondly i don’t like some subjects e.g. maths. thirdly, i am not bothered to do my homework. however, there are some things that i like about school. to start with we got p.e. (physical education(урок спорта в называют p.e.) ) three times a week. also we got history and i like it a lot because we learn many new things. finally in school i meet with my friends and talk to them.

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