1. Найдите в предложении ошибку и исправьте. Используйте форму глагола Past Simple или Past
1. David don't saw the film last night.
2. Where you went last weekend?
3. Joe and Katy wasn't at the party.
4. It weren't rains when we left home.
5. The children finded some money in the garden.
6. What were they do when you got there?
7. Do they had a lot of food for lunch?
8. Where were she sleeping?
2. Раскройте скобки, используя глаголы в форме Present Perfect
9. We …. (study) French and Spanish recently.
10. William … (not / try) rock climbing.
11. They … (not / know) Peter for very long.
12. Paula … (run) twenty marathons.
13. I … (stop) cycling to work every day.
14. You … (not / pass) the exam.
3. Соедините глаголы и слова.
1 send a) the Internet
2.climb b) helicopter
3.surf c) a prize
4.pass d) an email
5.fly e) a mountain
6.win f) a crime
7.commit g) a salary


ginea  pigs are small and fluffy! they cod be many-many colers.they look like hamsters but they arent,they are bigger than a hamster.they are also called cavy.

1)what group does the head 2) head teacher propose to 3)where

  так как исходный еукст не полный рискну предположить что дальше такие вопросы4)who will be for the costs of accommodation? 5) for the programme?

1) am packing

2) packs

3) don't save up

4) are you saving up

5) am meeting

6) meet

7) are looking

8) loses, looks

9) are you doing, am waiting

10) cries, waits

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