1. Найдите в предложении ошибку и исправьте. Используйте форму глагола Past Simple или Past
1. David don't saw the film last night.
2. Where you went last weekend?
3. Joe and Katy wasn't at the party.
4. It weren't rains when we left home.
5. The children finded some money in the garden.
6. What were they do when you got there?
7. Do they had a lot of food for lunch?
8. Where were she sleeping?
2. Раскройте скобки, используя глаголы в форме Present Perfect
9. We …. (study) French and Spanish recently.
10. William … (not / try) rock climbing.
11. They … (not / know) Peter for very long.
12. Paula … (run) twenty marathons.
13. I … (stop) cycling to work every day.
14. You … (not / pass) the exam.
3. Соедините глаголы и слова.
1 send a) the Internet
2.climb b) helicopter
3.surf c) a prize
4.pass d) an email
5.fly e) a mountain
6.win f) a crime
7.commit g) a salary


ukraine is a industrial region.  it is located onthe  south-eastern europe.  the capital of ukraine is kyiv.  it has state borders with russia, belarus and moldova. it also borders on poland, czechia, slovakia, hungary and romania.  the population of ukraine is about 48 million people.  people who live in ukraine speak ukrainian. national emblem of ukraineit consists ofthe lesserand greatercoat of arms.it is currently usedonlysmallarms,adoptedfebruary 19, 1992.largecoat of armsof ukrainein the form ofabill. the climate of ukraine is moderately and continental.  the biggest cities are: kyiv, odesa, dnipropetrovsk, zaporizhia and some others. kyiv-one of the oldest cities in europe, with it`s historical monuments, museums, theatres, exhibitions halls, art galleries and it`s rich cultural life.  history of ukraineis a very interestingand exciting.  ukraine is rich infolkcustoms andtraditions, thecolor andbrightnessareamazing.  ukraine-an amazing andwonderful country.i love it.

  1they,funny toys- do they have funny toys?

2. she, a big dog-does she have a big dog?                                                        

3 he,a nice bird -does he have a nice bird?                                                                  

4 the boys, scooters- do the boys have scooters?                                                          

5 you, roller skates- do you have roller skates?    

символ,колония,принц,принцесса,цейлон,глава государства,империи,политик,аристократ,посстоянный,политика,власть включить чтобы предложить, юрист,избрать,королевский,бывший,право.задержать,принадлежать(в).


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