Выберите верную форму прилагательного.
1. A white room was (modern/ more modern) _ than a black room.
2. The giraffe is (taller/ the tallest) _ than the cat.
3. Pete is (the youngest/ younger) _ in our family.
4. A rose is (more beautiful/ the most beautiful) _ flower.


the boys are not doing their homework.  are the boys doing their homework?

ann is not talking her examination now. is ann talking her examination now?

he was not writing the letter to his sister when i came. was he writing the letter to his sister when i came?

what is there in the cupboard?

ukraine is a industrial region.  it is located onthe  south-eastern europe.  the capital of ukraine is kyiv.  it has state borders with russia, belarus and moldova. it also borders on poland, czechia, slovakia, hungary and romania.  the population of ukraine is about 48 million people.  people who live in ukraine speak ukrainian. national emblem of ukraineit consists ofthe lesserand greatercoat of arms.it is currently usedonlysmallarms,adoptedfebruary 19, 1992.largecoat of armsof ukrainein the form ofabill. the climate of ukraine is moderately and continental.  the biggest cities are: kyiv, odesa, dnipropetrovsk, zaporizhia and some others. kyiv-one of the oldest cities in europe, with it`s historical monuments, museums, theatres, exhibitions halls, art galleries and it`s rich cultural life.  history of ukraineis a very interestingand exciting.  ukraine is rich infolkcustoms andtraditions, thecolor andbrightnessareamazing.  ukraine-an amazing andwonderful country.i love it.

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