вот текст и снизу прикрепленное фото, надо вставить словосочетания
Choosing a sport for a child is not an easy task. Different physical qualities are important in different kinds of sports. For example, flexibility is important in gymnastics, endurance is necessary for swimming and accuracy is an important quality in archery. Don't forget to take your child's individual qualities into account . It's not necessary that only girls can be good at gymnastics and boys can do only "men's" kinds of sport like football or basketball. So is there an efficient way on the best sports activities for a child? The Moscow Sports Department has developed a methodology from 5.5 to 12 years old. Special testing can be done at home. First, parents write down the boy's or girl's height, weight and date of birth. Then the child has to do special tests and perform sports exercises. These can be such exercises as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, running and many others. It is not necessary , but the more exercises a child completes, the more accurate the results will be. To get the first results, it's enough to do at least 6 exercises. Each exercise has a physiological norm for the child's gender and age. Parents have to note down specific qualities such as strength, speed, flexibility, reaction, coordination, and memory. They will help suitable for the child. The system selects sports and divides them into groups — from those that will be perfect, to those that will need more efforts and training.
Вставьте слова баллов вот текст и снизу прикрепленное фото, надо вставить словосочетания C">


was born

have been living


will move

have regretted

are reminded


are having



are playing

1. hadn't called 2. had been crying 3. had switched 4. was playing 5. had just happened 6. had parked 7. were lying 8. hadn't finished 9. had been working 10. had been driving

listen, ivan sings in the next room.it doesn't see that i look at it, as he reads something with a great interest.call him now. i think that he doesn't sleep yet.look at the person who sits at a window. he/she is our lawyer.

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