Выделите сказуемое, определите его видовременную форму и укажите инфинитив:
1. I have been looking for my note-book for two hours already.
2. Yesterday by three o'clock Peter had finished reading the book.
3. What will you be doing at five? - I'll be writing a composition.
4. By three o'clock I shall have cooked some meat.
5. When he came, his son had been playing in the garden for three hours already.


it's not always easy for the old and the young to find a common language.

это правильное утверждение, так как все люди разных возрастов жили в разное время. у более пожилых людей существуют свои стереотипы, также и у молодёжи. но всё-таки нужно стараться искать общий язык с пожилыми людьми, потому что они наши предки и знают намного больше нас. 

this is a correct statement, because all people of all ages living in different times. the older people have their own stereotypes, and young people too. but we must try to find a common language with the elderly people, because they are our ancestors and know far more than we do. 

1. was

2. was thinking

3. called

4. did i tell

5. happened

6. were shopping

7. were looking

8. came

9. showed

10. she was opening

11. had

12. was

13. didn't expect

agency- агенство

brother- брат

cook - готовить


home - дом

right - правильный

mother- мама keys- ключи opportunity - возможность play - играть time- время xerox - ксерокс yellow - жёлтый  


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