1.“Tom, go to bed”, said his mother.
2.“Don’t play in the street”, said the van to the boys.
3.“Give me your book, Nick”, said the teacher
4.Father said to Jane:”Show me your homework, please”.
5.The teacher said to the pupils:”Don’t open your books”.
6.Kate said to her grandmother:”Help me to cook the soup, please”.


i livein the city -temirtau.the secondname of the city-"ironmountain".my townis famous fora largemetallurgicalplant.


wounded people often die not of traumas but because first aid was late. for example: at injury of an artery didn't manage to stop quickly bleeding or the victim choked lying on a back. a part of death on conscience of those who having appeared nearby, didn't know what to do. the main thing in such situation - to learn it is correctly to operate in the first seconds of detection of the victim to keep to it life before ambulance arrival. and still main in such situations - not to give in to a panic

my room is cleaned every day.

coffe is not grown in russia.

french is spoken in france.

this book is sold everywhere.

the plants are watered by my granny.

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