1) he usually walks the pet in the morning. (т.к. он делает это обычно, а он,она,оно пишется с s)

2) mum tidies up the flat every saturday. ( делает это каждый раз)

3) tina is doing the washing up now. ( делает это сейчас, поэтому to be ving)

4) dad fixes things in our family. ( его привычка, делает это всегда)

5) i never do the ironing. ( никогда этого не делаю)

there are  this town in two railway stations.

there is an old tv in my room

there are two new sports shop in the centre of shopping.


Christina georgina rossetti remember

remember me when i am gone away,        gone far away into the silent land;         when you can no more hold me by the hand,nor i half turn to go, yet turning stay.remember me when no more day by day        you tell me of our future that you plann'd:         only remember me; you understandit will be late to counsel then or pray.yet if you should forget me for a while        and afterwards remember, do not grieve:         for if the darkness and corruption leave        a vestige of the thoughts that once i had,better by far you should forget and smile        than that you should remember and be sad.



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легко запомнить хоть и много


suzanne vega  -  tom's dinner

i am sittingin the morningat the dineron the corneri am waitingat the counterfor the manto pour the coffeeand he fills itonly halfwayand beforei even arguehe is lookingout the windowat somebodycoming init is alwaysnice to see yousays the manbehind the counterto the womanwho has come inshe is shakingher umbrellaand i lookthe other wayas they are kissingtheir hellosi'm pretendingnot to see theminsteadi pour the milki openup the paperthere's a storyof an actorwho had diedwhile he was drinkingit was no onei had heard ofand i'm turningto the horoscopeand lookingfor the funnieswhen i'm feelingsomeone watching meand soi raise my headthere's a womanon the outsidelooking insidedoes she see me? no she does notreally see mecause she seesher own reflectionand i'm tryingnot to noticethat she's hitchingup her skirtand while she'sstraightening her stockingsher hairis getting wetoh, this rainit will continuethrough the morning  as i'm listeningto the bellsof the cathedrali am thinkingof your and of the midnight picniconce upon a timebefore the rain i finish up my coffeeit's time to catch the train



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westlife  -  you raise me up

when i am down and, oh my soul, so weary; when troubles come and my heart burdened be; then, i am still and wait here in the silence,until you come and sit awhile with me.you raise me up, so i can stand on mountains; you raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; i am strong, when i am on your shoulders; you raise me up… to more than i can be.there is no life – no life without its hunger; each restless heart beats so imperfectly; but when you come and i am filled with wonder,sometimes, i think i glimpse eternity.


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