Read the text and decide if the sentences are ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B). If there is not enough information in the text to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B), choose ‘Doesn’t say’ (C).
This is my second week of work experience, and I have another four weeks to go. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m so glad I decided to do it. I’ve already learnt a great amount about the practical side of science, but it’s so much more than that. I’ve travelled a huge distance, made life-long friends from all over the world, improved my communication skills and self-confidence and enjoyed my first taste of living alone!
I graduated from university last year with a degree in Science. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do in science after that, but I wanted to work with animals. So when I first saw the advert for this project, I knew it was for me. Jersey, an island off the UK, is a long way away from Hong Kong, where I’ve lived my whole life. I talked about it with my parents, and I decided to apply. To my surprise, I got in – and by then it was too late to change my mind!
I’m earning a bit of money, although I know it isn’t a real job. And the project pays for my accommodation, and even the airfare, so it’s really quite a good deal. My parents are coming out to join me when I finish and we’re going to spend some time sightseeing. I’m looking forward to that because I love seeing new places and meeting new people.
This has been a great adventure for me, and I’ve discovered a lot about myself – including the fact that a career where I can travel and work with animals would be perfect for me. So the next thing I need to do is to look for a course in wildlife conservation. I can’t wait to start!

1 Mark is almost at the end of his work experience.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
2 Mark feels he’s discovered a lot about a particular subject.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
3 Mark now has friends in different countries.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
4 Mark likes the place where he’s living at the moment.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
5 After graduating, Mark didn’t want a job involving his degree subject.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
6 When Mark saw the ad, he needed time to think about whether to apply.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
7 Mark got a reply to his application very quickly.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
8 Mark is pleased that the scheme paid for everything for him.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
9 Mark and his parents are planning to visit a number of countries when he finishes.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say
10 Mark is already searching for another course to prepare him for his career.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t Say


1. how much bread can she give them?

2.   how much meat does he eat?

3.  how much jam could he take?

4. how much cheese did she buy?


the nobel prizes are annual international awards bestowed by scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. they were established by the swedish chemist alfred nobel, the inventor of  dynamite. the prizes in physics, chemistry, psychology or medicine, literature and peace efforts were first awarded in 1901. the sveriges riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of nobel was instituted in 1968. although this is not technically a nobel prize, its announcements and presentations are made along with other prizes. each nobel prize is widely regarded as the most prestigious  award in its field. each laureate is presented with a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money which depends on the nobel foundation’s income that year. the prize cannot be awarded posthumously ,  nor may a prize be shared among more than three  people. 


bearded,it is hardy,willow in a moment i will bring under.and horns a stub to throwabove a tree to a smog.



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