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1.no one has seen him anywhere this week.-  he has not been seen by anybody  anywhere this week.

2.somebody has invited her to the party.- she has been invited  by somebody to the party

3.they have done all the exercises in written form.- all the exercises have  been done by them    in written form

4.they are constructing some new mero lines now- some new mero lines  are being constructed by them now

5.he is examining the last student there.- the last studenthe is  being examined  by him  there

6.i know her family.- her family is  known by me .

7.i am sure they will offer you a very interesting job.-  i am sure you  will  be offered  a very interesting job by them

8.they informed me that they had seen you in oxford street.-  i was  informed  that you had been seen by them  in oxford street

9.yesterday i met them walking in the park.- yesterday  they were  met  by me walking in the park

10.they sent you the invitation last week-  you were  sent  the invitation by them  last week

name: mikhail

family name: lomonosov

nationality: russian

country: russia

he is a great csientist and writer

interests: natural science,physics,mineralogy,history,art,optical devices



what nice shoes! i have  never worn such comfortable and nice shoes! where did  you buy them? — i bought them at our department store yesterday. i always buy shoes there. where  do you usually  buy shoes?

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