IV. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the words below:
an apprenticeship, courses, a university, GCSE, vocational, opportunities, a school sixth form, A-level exams
Finishing secondary school is an important time in the life of each teenager. You should think over your options after the exams. British teenagers take 1) _at the age of 16. Then they have several options. They can go to 2) _ and continue their education. It is comfortable because you learn in familiar place with teachers that you know and have a lot of friends. But some teenagers prefer going to a sixth form college because it offers a wider range of subjects and options for students.
School sixth form and sixth form college take two years. They prepare students for 3)_. You need them to enter 4)_. Some teenagers can’t afford to continue their education because their families need them to contribute to the family income. They can go to 5) _courses that teaches skills you need to do a particular job. Another way is to go to a company that offers 6) _. Some companies give an opportunity to do flexible or evening 7) _. So you can develop and get a promotion. There are a lot of ways and 8) _after finishing school. But it is up for you to decide and to choose.
Срачно надо..


a lot of people i n our country are fond of sport

all kinds of sports are popular in ukraine football volleball hochey skiing swimming

football is most popular game

you can see it if you go to of the matches

nearly every schhol in our country has its football team and every boy knows much about the game

football is good team game

boys lern to work together with others to help the team

but nowadays people especially teenagers are lazy 

teenagers are fond tv and   computers games

but we must rememrer that sport makes us healthy and strong 






вроде как то

выскажите своё мнение о разных хобби.

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