Прочитайте текст. Установите соответствие заголовков 1 - 8 текстам А - G. Занесите
ответы в таблицу. Один заголовок лишний.
1 Revolution in fashion
5 Most colourful clothes than ever
2 One model of shoes for men and
6 More money for clothes
7 Disappearance of some clothes
3 No changes in clothes
4 New hair styles
8 Clothes became longer
A. Before the First World War fashions did not change very quickly. Men wore dark suits.
They had short hair and moustaches were popular. Women wore long dresses and they
had long hair. Under their dresses they wore stiff corsets. These gave women a very
narrow waist, but they were very uncomfortable.
B. In the Roaring Twenties dresses and hair became much shorter. People saw women’s
knees for the first time! Corsets disappeared. A straight figure with no waist or bust was
fashionable. For men, trousers with very wide legs became fashionable. They were called
Oxford bags.
C. In the 30th and 40th hair, dresses and coats became longer again. Men’s fashion didn’t
change very much. Men wore a suit, a tie and usually a hat, too. Moustaches were less
D. In the 1950s people were richer and teenagers spent a lot of money on clothes. For men
this was the age of a teddy boy. Teddy boys wore long jackets in very bright colours -
pink, orange and yellow - and very tight trousers called ‘drainpipes’. For women jumpers
and blouses with wide skirts and short socks were the fashion. Both men and women
wore ‘winklepicker’ shoes with long pointed toes. The women’s shoes had high stiletto
E. The 1960s saw a revolution in clothes. Everything changed. This was the time of the
mini-skirt and long boots. For the first time in the twentieth century men had long hair -
the famous Beatle haircut.
F. In the late 1960s and the early 70th the hippy ‘flower power’ style was in. Women wore
long maxi-skirts. Men wore jeans and brightly coloured shirts or T-shirts. Clothes were
very colourful. Very long hair was fashionable for men and women, and beards became
more common (only for men, of course).
G. The 80s brought teenagers with punk hairstyles in red, blue, purple and green, and
brightly coloured makeup.​



possible(возможно)- impossible(невозможно)

independend(независимый)- dependend(зависимый)

known(известный)- unknown(неизвестный)


1. i was sitting in front of the fire, when they called out to me.

2. i was getting the tea ready,  when my mother came home from work.

3. she was dusting the carpet, when her cat knocked a vase off the table.

4. we were finishing our tea, when there was a knock at the door.

5. they were going down the garden path, when she stopped and waved. 

, билл! за твое письмо. это фотографии моих зимних каникул. мы с моими друзьями устраиваем здесь рождественский вертеп. я задействован в качестве короля. мы поем песни-коляды. коляда - украинская рождественская песня. а как поживаешь ты?

пока, тарас.

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