кто нибудь напишите разказ про Россию на английском с вступлением и заключением слочно ​


noize mc it's very popular singer currently. he's got a lot of social songs for different events as accident with participantion of two doctors and deputy. he pays attention for something that happen in society. but in some songs he's got abusive words. a lot of teenagers kenn on this singer as i. to my mind he has got very interesting songs.   

they have got some tea.

do you want some bread?

in italy pasta is very popular.

most british people like fish and chips.

vegetables are good for your health.

in ireland children eat potatoes and milk for dinner.

some kind of food give children strength to work and play.

we often drink tea in the morning.

gradable adjectives

1)my teacher was very happy with my homework.

2)that website is reasonably popular. but this one is more popular.

3)he said that holland was a little  cold and denmark was rather cold. but sweden was the coldest.

non-gradable adjectives

1)it was freezing outside.

2)he is investing in nuclear energy.

3)her exam results were absolutely awful. she will have to take the exam again.

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