с английским! Это очень



can peter swim well?

1) if i had known that you were ill last week, i`d have gone to see you. 2) tom wouldn't have entered for the examination if he had known that it would be so difficult. 3) it`s good that ann reminded me about tom`s birthday. i would have forgotten if she hadn`t reminded me. 4) i`d have sent you a post card while i was on holiday if i had had your address. 5) we might not have stayed at this hotel if george hadn't recommended it to us.

1) if i knew her number, i would telephone her. 2) i wouln't buy that coat if i were you. 3) i would give you a cigarette if i had one but i`m afraid i haven`t. 4) if you didn't go to bed so late every night, you wouldn`t be so tired all the time. 5) i wouldn`t mind living in england if the weather was better.

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