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4. them

1.i missed the bus this morning so i had to catch a taxi.

2.the train arrived at the station and we got on.

3.he hasn`t got much money and can`t get a taxi.

4.this is my stop.i have to get off.

5.how can i get to the railway station?

-you can get a trolley-bus or the underground.

6.hurry up! we`re going   to miss the train.

7.i was late so i caught a taxi.

поставь "лучшее решение", если несложно.

1) we should invite ronald to the party.

2) we should go to the cinema on sunday.

3) you should give me money for my birthday present.

4) we should talk to each other this evening.

5) we should watch "sucker punch"

6) you should buy j7 for me

7) we should go to the beach at night.

8) you should take some drinks and meat.

9) we should take a bus to get to the metro station

10) we should go to your house after classes.

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