Ты получил письмо от вашего английского друга по переписке Майка (Mike),
который пишет:
... We are doing a project at school about famous people in different countries. It would be nice to include a
first-hand report about famous people in your country. What are the most famous scientists, writers or actors
in Russia? Could you tell me some facts about their works? What famous person do you admire?
Напишите ответ на письмо Майка объёмом в 80-100 слов. В своём письме не забудь
ответить на 3 во которые задал мальчик.


      i need a part-time job to earn some money, i have read some  advertisements, and i  decided  to chose a  baby-sitter  job. 


      first of all i like kids so much. i can play with the all day. i  always  wanted to have a lot of  younger brothers and sisters.

          second - the family offers a good money for this job. that is important for me too.

at last, but not at least they sad, that they would take me to the cruise with them this summer, so i could help them with their kids there. what could be better then that?

1haven't played




3have chosen


4have see



didn't say

6 has broken


  did sell

saw, have bought

8 finished

painted, put up

9have lost


take an ice cream out of my bag and open it.

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