Ты получил письмо от вашего английского друга по переписке Майка (Mike),
который пишет:
... We are doing a project at school about famous people in different countries. It would be nice to include a
first-hand report about famous people in your country. What are the most famous scientists, writers or actors
in Russia? Could you tell me some facts about their works? What famous person do you admire?
Напишите ответ на письмо Майка объёмом в 80-100 слов. В своём письме не забудь
ответить на 3 во которые задал мальчик.


the first lesson began 10 min past 8

the first lesson began 20 min to 10

the first lesson began a quarter past 10

the first lesson began 15 mim to 11

the first lesson began 35 min past 10

the first lesson began 5 min 12

the first lesson began 25 min to 2

the first lesson began 5 min 2

the first lesson began 20 min to 3

the first lesson began 10 min 3

3)   я ценю вашу готовность признать наше довольно интересное предолжение.4) оптимизация процесса скорости приводит к сокращению затрат. 5) их контейнеры кажутся превосходными, но мы ничего не знаем об их сроке службы. 

once upon a time there was a robot who could do anything. he rebuilt broken houses, saved citizens in their time of need, and brought peace to the whole city in which he lived in. but one day he suddenly changed. maybe it was a change in his wire, or something else, but he was never the same again since. the hero-like robot turned evil. he no longer helped anyone, but only caused misfortune wherever he went. and so the citizens of the city, who once loved and adored the robot, decided to attack and destory him, before he destroyed them. and so he was gone. although the people were still angry at him, and claimed him to be a villian, he still was commened for his past good doings. 



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