IV. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the words below:
an apprenticeship, courses, a university, GCSE, vocational, opportunities, a school sixth form, A-level exams
Finishing secondary school is an important time in the life of each teenager. You should think over your options after the exams. British teenagers take 1) _at the age of 16. Then they have several options. They can go to 2) _ and continue their education. It is comfortable because you learn in familiar place with teachers that you know and have a lot of friends. But some teenagers prefer going to a sixth form college because it offers a wider range of subjects and options for students.
School sixth form and sixth form college take two years. They prepare students for 3)_. You need them to enter 4)_. Some teenagers can’t afford to continue their education because their families need them to contribute to the family income. They can go to 5) _courses that teaches skills you need to do a particular job. Another way is to go to a company that offers 6) _. Some companies give an opportunity to do flexible or evening 7) _. So you can develop and get a promotion. There are a lot of ways and 8) _after finishing school. But it is up for you to decide and to choose.


сша. из-за огромных размеров климат невероятно разнообразен.здесь "обычный" климат то умеренный,но также тропический во флориде и на гавайях,арктический на аляске,засушливый на юго-западе большого бассейна и полузасушливый   в районе великих равнин к западу от реки миссисипи.в течении летних месяцев температура колеблется от 57(градусов) с в долине смерти,в калифорнии,-62(градуса) с на аляске,с большой разницей температур меджу ними.

Have you watered the flowers yet? (water/already/yet)1. we have just washed off graffiti from all the houses in our street. 2. my dad is happy. i have helped   to rake the leaves in the garden.3. i have got five excellent marks at school today.4. i can go to the cinema now. i have already learnt  the poem.5. my brother  has been playing   tennis since  2 o’clock.6. i have been playing the violin for two hours. 

the teacher said to jack that she know that he worked hard and then told him that he's a good boy.

the old man said to the girl, that she's can sing perfectly and that he think that she will be a famous singer

my sister said to me that i looked yesterday and that she think i have recovered after my illnes

the guest said to me that everything is tasty and that im an excellent cook..

the student said that he/she cant answer this question, because he/she dont understand it.

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