Перепишите предложения, используя форму Past Simple от глагола to be и слова данные в скобках.

I, he, she, it (ед. ч.) was (wasn’t)

we, you, they (мн. ч.) were (weren’t)

1 I am at university now. (yesterday at 9)

2 We are glad to see you. (at our party)

3 He is a student. (5 years ago)

4 She is ill. She is in bed. (yesterday)

5 Are the children at school? (from 8 to 12)

6 It isn’t cold today. (last week)

7 You are late. (for the meeting)

8 Where are you? (last summer)


lmfao is the best group!                         lmfao is one of the top five vocalists out there. their song “party rock anthem” is amazing! it has excellent tune, interesting lyrics and well-made video.  i’m a big fan. this song became a favorite of all.  i will sing if you like, but i don’t sing real words – only here and there a syllable or two – the rest is lisping. i think he is way better than other singers. their smiling faces appears on the covers of international magazines, and every year they travels to many different parts of the world to perform concerts for million of fans. they have such a great ! continue with your success lmfao! i truly respect their as persons and an artists.


mrs. jakson

volgogradskiy prosp,




dear mrs. jakson,

i am writing in reply to your advertisement in local newspaper "your day".  i am therefore applying for the post as an eligible candidate and sending you my resume and educational certificates for inspection and review.

i have worked in children care centre for the last 2 years and have a good experience in the baby sitting and nursing field.i believe that i have the patience and endurance to be a good babysitter and i have a fondness towards babies. with a long experience and educational background in child care, i can deliver the optimal level of care that is needed in this profession.


victoria rinas.


dear mom and dad.mom, dad i come home late, because i went to celebrate the birthday of my friend. don't worry i will come home at 11 p.m.


                                                                                                                                (твоё имя)

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