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people have lived on our planet for many years. they lived and live on different continents, in different countries. people depend on their planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around them. people must take care of earth. our ecology becomes worse and worse with every new day. many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. people destruct wildlife, cut down trees to make furniture. they forget that people can’t live without trees and plants, because they fill air with oxygen. and, of course, great problems are population and animals destruction. the main reason of pollution is rubbish. most of our rubbish goes to big holes in the ground, called ‘dumps’. but dumps are very dangerous for our life ‘cause they are full of rats, which can carry infections away from dumps. another way to get rid of rubbish is to burn it. but the fires make poisons, which go into the air and pollute it. but pollution isn’t the only actual problem. every day a big number of animals dissapeares. people kill animals for different aims: e.g. people hunt whales for their meat and oil; elephants for their tusks, crocodiles for their leather and so on. and also animals are used for medical experiments. the most wide – speared from such animals are monkeys. modern life is bad for animals, birds, fish. the air isn’t fresh and the water isn’t pure. they don’t have good meal and facilities for the life. you can find their names in the red book. of course, people can’t stay indifferent to these problems. there are a lot of special organizations, which try to save our nature. the most known are: the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (the rspca), the world wildlife fund (wwf) and greenpeace. the rspca tries to protect animals from bad use. it operates big nation campaigns aimed at lost pets, circus animals. the wwf rescued several species of animals, mammals as well as birds. these organization also helped to create more than 250 national parks. greenpeace began its work 20 years ago from saving whales. and now greenpeace is a world-famous organization, which saves plants, animals and people. these organization, want to rescue animals, to help them to survive and to save jungle rain forests, which are in danger of destruction. and they also help animals ‘cause many of them have already gone as they have nowhere to live. their homes, the trees, have disappeared. we must save wild animals. and we must find the right way to save land, people and animals. we must lake care of nature, because we are part of it. 

stay at a hotel is the best.the beds are always comfortable and you can eat at the restaurant when the weather is awful. i hate camping because it often rains.what do you think?

23 ручек- twenty three  pens

62 портфеля- sixty two bags

45 карандашей - forty five pencils

78 велосипедов- seventy eight bicycles (bikes)

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