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there are some dates which are holidays in this country. the first holiday of the year begins with the new year day on the first of january. on the eve of the new year day, that is at night of the thirty first of december, we are usually at home with our family or with our friends near a new year tree is decorated with our bright and toys. at 12 o'clock we wish each other "happy new year! " we give presents to our friends and to all the family. children like this holiday very much, because their winter vacation begins with the new year day and last two weeks. they have a lot of fun then. they dance and sing round a new year tree with father frost and snow maiden. during the winter vacation children do not study, they can play hockey, skate, ski and others. the next holiday which is celebrated in russia is christmas. it takes places on the 7th of january. this religious holiday began to be marked only some years ago. we do not study on this day now. on the eight of march we celebrated one more holiday. it is international women's day. on this day we present our dear women, with flowers. this day is also a day off. victory day, the anniversary of the victory over fascist germany, comes on the ninth of may. millions of our people gave their lives for our country's freedom and independence. all the coun-tries which fought in the second world war against fascism celebrate this great holiday, victory day. my most favorite holiday is the new year day and christmas.

dasha is taller, then dima

mother is cooking now

you are really played with my sister yestarday

my fatheris very strong

my sister is very short

this girl is very beautiful, but this girl is ugly

oh, you very handsome

this trousers very long

you cat is large? but my cat is thin 

матрёшки, валенки, шапки-ушанки. и т.д.

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