Грамматический тест. Выберите правильный вариант ((Предложения списывать не надо. Цифра – буква)

1.Yesterday there ___ ten students at the lesson

A are ​​B was ​​C were

2. There ___ a good film on TV tomorrow.

A will be​​B is ​​C was

3. There ___ an apple and three oranges on the plate.​

A are ​​B is ​​C be​

4.My wife didn’t speak _ at the party.

A many ​B much ​C little

5. Sorry, I don’t have ___ time and I can’t help you.

A a little​ B little​C much

6. Can you play the guitar? – Yes, I can ___.

A a few​B a little​C little

7. Try to do as ___ as possible.

A much​B many​C a lot of

8. Look, the hall is almost empty. There are ___ people there.

A much​B many​C few

9. Is there ___ news today?

A any​ B some​​C anything

10. I know ___ about this incident. Ask ___ else (ещё).

A something, somebody​B nothing, anybody C nothing, somebody

11. I won’t go ___ in summer.

A nowhere​ B anywhere ​ C somewhere

12. It’s a very easy task. _ student can do it.

A any​ B some​C anybody

13. Is this box empty (пустая)? – Yes, it is. There is ___ in it.

A some ​B something ​ C nothing

14. The day before yesterday we _ to the restaurant by Tom Jenkins .

A are invited​ B were invited​C invited

15. Ann and Helen ___ in a small Russian town not far from Samara.

A is born​ B was born ​C were born

16. The doctor ___ Tommy’s leg in twenty minutes.

A will be examine​B will examine​ C will be examined

17. In Ancient Greece the Olympic Games ___ once in four years.

A were held​ B are held​ C will be held

18. The task must be written___ a black pen.

A by​ B with


a bag-[bag]сумкаa bar(of chocolate)-[ba: ]плитка (шоколада)a boot-[bu: t]ботинокa bottle-[botl]бутылкаchess-шахматыa cucumber-огурецa cup-[k^p]чашкаa dress-[dres]платьеa glass-стаканa t-shirt-футболкаa jacket-курткаjuice-сокa kilo-килограммa litre-литрa loaf(of bread)-ломоть(хлеба)lunch-обедa mitten-рукавица  an orange-апельсинa piece(of caka)-кусок тортаa raincoat-плащa scarf-шарфa slice(of meat)-кусок мясаa suit-искa tin-жестяная банкаtrousers-брюкиa vegetable-овощan umbrella-зонтto have on-иметь наto wear-носитьsome-немного(+)any- ? )no-нет

  1. my friends will play table tennis on wednesday. 2. miss chatter will post this postcard tomorrow. 3. i think it will be sunny and warm tomorrow. 4. look at the calendar! today is the twenty first of september. 5. they will swim next month.

his hen can't fly.- his pig hasn't got a hat.- his rabbit isn't grey.

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