Summer schools in England for foreigners have become quite popular and there are many of them all over England. Why? Because England is a very good place to learn English. When the students leave the classroom they have many opportunities to practice the English they have learnt.
One of these schools is Stamford Summer School, is situated 90 miles north of London.
The students live at the school or with a family in the town. Most students over 14 prefer to stay with a family.
Students going to the Summer School should have been learning* English for at least* one year. At the beginning of each course every student does a test. The result of this test determines what class the student will be in.
There are three lessons (50 minutes each) every morning. The aim* of these lessons is to improve the students’ English. At the same time the lessons try to give the students some knowledge of Britain, its people and history – and knowledge of daily life in Britain.
Stamford Summer School is especially for boys and girls who are interested in sport.
Other activities are: discos, table tennis, competitions and films (video). During the course there are excursions to London, Cambridge and other places.
Students come from all over Europe. They have two things in common*. They are interested in sport and they want to improve their English.
* * *
1. Here are some statements. Are they True or False?
1. The lessons try to give the students knowledge of Britain’s people and history.
2. Competitions are other activities.
3. Summer schools in England are for local (местный


dear jackie,

thanks for your last letter! on the topic of holidays in russia, i can tell you that christmas is not as popular in russia as it is in britain. instead, we celebrate new year's eve more fervently here.

is it true that you celebrate christmas on december 25th? here we celebrate it on the january 7th. it is traditionally celebrated by religious believers, whereas i heard that in britain people of all faiths and even atheists celebrate christmas too. am i right?

my favourite holiday is new year's eve, as we put up a fir tree and have a big meal on this day and meet up with friends or relatives. other holidays we celebrate include women's day, men's day and victory day. we also celebrate the start of spring for one whole week and we call this time 'maslenitsa'. what do you call the day when you celebrate the beginning of lent by making pancakes? write back soon, sasha


(its more than 140 words, 140 words is such a small amountm, its )

i put an end to end of sentence.


1)when were you born? i was born in 1980.

2)the light went off and the orchestra started playing.

3) when i came into the kitchen mother was cooking dinner.

4)we had been washing the floor from 3 till 4 yesterday.

5)at 7 yersterday i was playing the piano.

6)when i came home mother had already cooked dinner.

7)tom had translated the text by 7.

8)she had been seeing the film for 1 hour when i rang her up.

9)where were you yesterday?

10) did you finish school last year?


will you go to the party with me?

they will buy a car tomorrow.

поставь мне "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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