Summer schools in England for foreigners have become quite popular and there are many of them all over England. Why? Because England is a very good place to learn English. When the students leave the classroom they have many opportunities to practice the English they have learnt.
One of these schools is Stamford Summer School, is situated 90 miles north of London.
The students live at the school or with a family in the town. Most students over 14 prefer to stay with a family.
Students going to the Summer School should have been learning* English for at least* one year. At the beginning of each course every student does a test. The result of this test determines what class the student will be in.
There are three lessons (50 minutes each) every morning. The aim* of these lessons is to improve the students’ English. At the same time the lessons try to give the students some knowledge of Britain, its people and history – and knowledge of daily life in Britain.
Stamford Summer School is especially for boys and girls who are interested in sport.
Other activities are: discos, table tennis, competitions and films (video). During the course there are excursions to London, Cambridge and other places.
Students come from all over Europe. They have two things in common*. They are interested in sport and they want to improve their English.
* * *
1. Here are some statements. Are they True or False?
1. The lessons try to give the students knowledge of Britain’s people and history.
2. Competitions are other activities.
3. Summer schools in England are for local (местный


i - my, you - your, she - her, he - his, it - its.

i bought  the car.last summer i  was resting  on the sea! i had a  very beautiful  doll, but  it  broke  masha.    last year  the weather was bad.yesterday  went to the movies  with friends.yesterday  was  my mother's  birthday  and  we celebrated  it very that year  i moved  into a large, beautiful  apartment.

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