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1. Though I was grateful to him for his help ...
2. As it is necessary to get up early ...
3. If the train doesn’t leave ...
4. Nothing will happen if ...
5. Neither Jane ...


in some sports meets: too, as the judge.

"the judge" 

2)mary works in paris.she is having a meeting in rome.

3)natalie runs  regularty. she is training for the olimpics

4)peter delivers letters. he is having lunch

.1. the ireland's    beauty  is really breathtaking. 2. the children's  coats  need cleaning. 3.  the cover of the book is very bright.  4.  the company's  policy  is still not clear to me. 5. the construction of the new metro line has started. 6.    the tv programmes of last night were very interesting.  7.i was shocked by  bess'  opinion . 8. the children had a  week's  holiday. 9.we need to paint the roof of the house.. 10.  the back of the chair is too low. 11. there is a lamp at the head of the bed.











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