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the weather is a very impotant part of our morning.if its great, our mood is great too.and we realy enjoy it.i like a hot,sunny weather at the morning.and a warm one with a mild wind at the evening.its terrible to get out of your home when its cold,dark and unpleasant.sometimes it drives me crazy.but its nessesary and you should not be sad however it's terrible.just dont mind about it and have fun. 

you can't fly, can you? - yes, i can. / no, i can't.

your favourite subject is maths, isn't it? - yes, it is. / no, it isn't.

you are reading a book now, aren't you? yes, i am. / no, i'm not.

this autumn isn't cold, is it? yes, it is. / no, it isn't.

they are in london, aren't they?   yes, they are. / no, they aren't.

поставь "лучшее решение", если несложно.

1-сущ-entertainment, прилаг-entertaining 2-сущ-population,прилаг-popularized 3-прилаг-commercial 4-сущ-reason 6-сущ-success, прилаг-successful
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