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1they are old friends

2 i am a teacher

3 the weather is good today

1 we will be  interested in his progress

2 i will be your new teacher (  или   shall без разницы)

financial problem in the family is a very difficult and stressful situation in which a man can get.especially if you have a big family, you need in sufficient money.for example   you need in a lot of foods, clothes and others main things.and most importantly you must pay for electricity, water, gas, and all you need around the house and that's why you need money.the worst thing is when many quarrels in the family is due to financial problems and it's also very bad situation.аnd of course the financial problems caused by unemployment.аs we know now is very difficult to find high-paying job.аnd i think that if there were effective methods of dealing with financial problems, then life would be much better and kinder, without any violence, theft and war


вот все что смогла сделать  

1.as in england estimates put numbers or letters

2. how many minutes the lesson last in the english school

3. how many years children studying english in primary school

4. at what age children in britain complete primary school

5. does english school has a number

6. at what time in england begins a lesson

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