Английский тест

Choose the correct answer.1 John’s teacher was really pleased . the short story he wrote.
A with
B by
C for
D to
2 The costumes . by a French designer.
A were made
B has been made
C had made
D will make
3 The famous actor . leaving his hotel at 3 pm yesterday.
A is seen
B had been seen
C was seen
D was being seen
4 The film was so .; you could easily guess how it was going to end.
A intriguing
B gripping
C inspiring
D predictable
5 Tina just loves . novels because she enjoys stories that make her scared.
A crime
B mystery
C fantasy
D horror
6 Even though she didn’t get the part, Lina . she was right for the role.
A had believed
B believed
C is believed
7 James got . the 7 pm train to Oxford.
A on
B in
C up
D over
8 Timothy hurt . during football practice.
A he’s
B himself
C he
D his
9 The Mona Lisa . by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500’s.
A was being painted
B was painted
C is being painted
D will be painted
10 The artist could . almost anything using clay.
A paint
B draw
C sketch
D sculpt


Wanna - хочу. was, were - был, были. birthday - день рождение. 1. my mother baked apple pie yesterday. 2. today, i go to the doctor. 3. my sister ate three pieces of cake.

2.is on june 21.

3.is prince harry.

4.is his grandmother.

5.are playing football and swimming.

6.can paint,ski and ride motorbikes..

  how do you spell it? - как ты это напишешь?

  how old are you? - сколько тебе лет?  

what nationality are you? - какой ты национальности?

what is your home address? - какой у тебя адрес?

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