измените предложения из косвенной речи в прямую​

 80 БАЛЛОВизмените предложения из косвенной речи в прямую​


yesterday mother bought her daughter a pair of blue jeans and white shoes.

1. did  mother buy her daughter a pair of blue jeans and white shoes  yesterday?

  2. whor bought  a pair of blue jeans and white shoes yesterday?

3. when did mother buy her daughter a pair of blue jeans and white shoes?

4.whom did mother buy a pair of blue jeans and white shoes yesterday?

5. what  did mother buy   her daughter yesterday?

6. what colour of   jeans did mother buy   her daughter  yesterday?

7. what colour of   shoes did mother buy   her daughter yesterday?


dear judith,

1)as you can see,we are in rio de janeiro.it*s a wonderful place.

2)we*re having the time of our life.we*re staying in ipan ema plaza hotel.the rooms are very comfortable  and the staff is very nice.they have a restaurant with delicious brazilian food in here,i*ve already put on two kilos.

3)the  weather is absolutely fantastic.we *re going to the beach every day.we*re sunbathing and swimming in the sea.and i*ve tried diving once.it is an amazing experience.last week we went out clubbing.we were dancing samba and it was great fun but apart from this i haven*t been out

4)we*re coming back on monday so i*ll call you then.




a s boku adress      judith smith

                                                      159 gree road





when december is approaching there is a breath of winter in the autumn air. the cold makes the hands cold and stiff. soft, white snowflakes are falling thick and fast covering the ground and roofs. when the branches of the fir trees and pines are covered with snow they look beautifully. the snow lies thick upon the ground and birds hop about looking for food. a lot of icicles all glittering in the sun hang from roofs of houses. winter is a jolly time for children.they make snowmen and play snowballs. when the weather is fine children and grown-ups go skiing, skating or sliding down the snow covered hills.

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