My mother wants me to become an (8).
but I am not good
at Maths. I am going to leave school in 4 years and I have enough time to choose
what I want to be. My mother and father (9)
that they will
help me to make a good choice. My elder sister is very (10)
she always tries to control me but never gives a piece of advice. I am
- to asking my parents for advice but I am afraid they
won't like my idea. I don't play any musical instrument but I love music and I
love and (12)
people with a musical talent and my dream is
to (13)
concerts and musical tours. I am going to be a band
8. 1) operator
9. 1) promise
10. 1) polite
11. 1) ready
12. 1) help
13. 1) play
14. 1) manager
2) architect
2) accept
2) boastful
2) used
2) trust
2) organise
2) businessman
3) accountant
3) advise
3) bossy
3) interested
3) respect
3) perform
3) musician


lets travel to  one interesting place  ! it is old and big kingdom. it has got  a lot of  states. the capital is wonderful city called dreamtown.( ну или сам придумай название)  on the flag of the country you can see  flying birds  . its symbol  of freedom  . there are a lot of interesting places: beautiful gardens with speaking trees and flowers, rivers with amazing fish, ancient castles and towers. in this country you can try new food, which you have never seen. it's land of your dream, it's fantastic land.

dasha is taller, then dima

mother is cooking now

you are really played with my sister yestarday

my fatheris very strong

my sister is very short

this girl is very beautiful, but this girl is ugly

oh, you very handsome

this trousers very long

you cat is large? but my cat is thin 

i am sitting in the park and writting my notes at the moment. it is hot. i hate this hot weather. i do not want to sit here. but roger is playing tennis with his friends. they are running and laughing. they need neither ice cream nor cold lemonade. they are having fun. they like this weather.

oh_ i saw an icecream man! it's great. ice cream is cold and tastes good.


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