Complete the email using reported speech and the words in brackets.

Hi Rob,
Lisa phoned earlier, so I thought I’d send you an email. She said 1_ (I’ve come back) from Manchester. She asked me 2_ (are you and Rob going to the concert?), and I said yes. She said 3_ (we’ll have a great time) there, and she asked 4_ (how are you getting there?) So I said 5_ (my dad is taking us), and I told Lisa 6_ (he can stop at your place) on the way. There’s lots of room in Dad’s company minibus, so you don’t mind, do you? Lisa also asked 7_ (how much do the tickets cost?) I said they weren’t expensive. I also told her that 8_ (I can buy the tickets for everyone) on the internet. So don’t get a ticket yourself, Rob − you can all pay me back later.
Bye for now.


i birthday

в) having

every polite person has good manners. such person is never rude to his/her classmates and teachers. he or she doesn't interrupt people and doesn't forget to say 'thank you'.

if you have good table manners, you sit up straight, don't eat with your fingers and don't talk with your mouth full.

how look houses in your town?

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