What are you going to put in your time capsule? Choose four things and say why.
I’m going to put in a time capsule to show.


i want  to live in a large light room. there is not much furniture  here only the most necessary things. there is my bed, a desk with a computer, a wardrobe for my clothes.  i want to have a  big sofa  and armchairs in my room. i like to spend my free time with my friends/ there is a wide screen tv set in my room too

john is helped by mary.

the office is cleaned every day.

this bookstore was built two years ago.

this parcel has been brought by the courier.

the car is being washed.

What are you going to put in your time capsule? Choose four things and tell me why.

I'm going to put some tapes in a time capsule to show what we were listening to music on. As well as magazines and a few books, so that people remember where the information was drawn from before. You can also put in a fresh newspaper, and then I'll put in mint gum!

Перевод :

Что ты собираешься положить в свою капсулу времени? Выберите четыре вещи и скажите, почему.

Я собираюсь положить в капсулу времени,кассеты чтобы показать на чём мы слушали музыку. А также журналы и несколько книг, чтобы люди помнили откуда раньше черпалась информация. Также можно положить свежую газету, и на последок я положу мятную жвачку!


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