Сделайте английский язык 6 класс. 11 балов

 Сделайте английский язык 6 класс. 11 балов


мне  необходим  неполный рабочий день, чтобы заработать  немного денег.  я читал некоторые  рекламные объявления.  какую работу  я  выберу?


the nobel prizes are annual international awards bestowed by scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. they were established by the swedish chemist alfred nobel, the inventor of  dynamite. the prizes in physics, chemistry, psychology or medicine, literature and peace efforts were first awarded in 1901. the sveriges riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of nobel was instituted in 1968. although this is not technically a nobel prize, its announcements and presentations are made along with other prizes. each nobel prize is widely regarded as the most prestigious  award in its field. each laureate is presented with a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money which depends on the nobel foundation’s income that year. the prize cannot be awarded posthumously ,  nor may a prize be shared among more than three  people. 

1. We are going to take the bus to London.
2. They are going to go shopping tomorrow.
3. I am going watch a DVD this evening.
4. They are going to play tennis.
5. Is she going to study tomorrow?
6. She is not going to win the race.
7. Are they going to buy souvenirs on holiday?
8. You are not going to pass your exams.
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