Translate into English. Use Past Simple or Present Perfect Tenses +yet

Корабль не вышел из порта час назад. (to sail off the port)_

Они ещё не видели этот прекрасный остров. (to see this beautiful island)_

Самолёт появился в аэропорту два часа назад. (to appear in the airport)_

Мы ещё не добрались до города. (to reach the city)_

Она ещё не сделала уроки


2.they have been living in edinburg for two years

3. he has been waiting for mary more than an hour.

4. they have benn sitting in the garden since dinner time

5. he has been playing tennis since 10 a.m.

6. i have benn learning spanish for 5 years.

7. he has been working for the same company since he left school.

во всех случаях на present perfect continuos указывает промежуток времени и предлоги for, since.

                                  ''be  in harmony with nature''

    a person living  in harmony  with  nature and yourself,  not have the  disease.we learn to live  in harmony  with family, friends and  the outside world,  to be comfortable  to the body and  soul.  learning to  take care  of your health.    nature -  everything necessary  for human life.  often,  both adults  and  children,  tear offthe flowers, twigs  of trees, not thinking about  that  man  should  grow  a  tree.  how beautiful  is  nature!     in spring  there are the first  sprouts  from the ground,  as if  taking the first steps.summer in  the gardens,  the gardens  are blooming  with colorful  flowers  fluffy  hats.with the onset  of the autumn  period,  the trees  turn yellow  -  it's time to  close  the golden autumn.      everyone  is obliged to care  about the nature of  our country.    protect  the beauty and uniqueness  of their native land  -  a common concern  of allpeople  living in  it, their  responsibility  and  sacred duty.    

The ship didn't sail off the port 1 hour ago.

They haven't seen this beautiful island yet.

The plain appeared in the airport two hours ago.

We've not reached the city yet.

She hasn't done her homework yet.

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