48 She always … to bed at ten o`clock.
a. go b. goes c. is going d. went
49 She … not … last Wednesday.
a. does … arrive b. did … arrive c. did … arrived d. will … arrive
50.They are having breakfast ….
a. yesterday b. every day c. at the moment
51 …. tomatoes do you need for the pizza?
a. How much b. How many c. How long
52 … I have a glass of water?
a. Must b. Can c. Should
53 … Jill … the phone bill yet?
a. Has … paid b. Have … paid c. Did … pay
54 There aren`t any … on the table.
a. knifes b. knife c. knives
55 There are … apples in the basket.
a. much b. a little c. some
56 Yuko … in Japan.
a. lives b. live c. is living
57 I … finish it tomorrow.
a. will b. do c. did
58 He likes playing … basketball.
a. - b. the c. a
59 I … go to school yesterday because I was ill.
a. am not b. didn`t c. don`t
60 Did you … a pet when you were young?
a. have b. had d. has
If Mark … the boat, we … fishing.
a. repairs, go b. repairs, will go c. will repair, will go
If the sun …, snow … .
a. shines, melts b. shines, will melt c. will shine, will melt
When Amanda …, she … looking for a job.
a. graduates, starts b. graduates, will start c. will graduate, will start
Yesterday at 6pm I … computer games.
a. play b. played c. was playing d. have played
When my mum … home, I … computer games.
a. come, played b. came, played c. came, was playing


1.malcolm said that he didn't thought so. 

2.i said that those picture of velema valento was really mine and i'd like to keep it. 

3.he said that he had came to ask me about a five-pound note which i had paid into my bank the day before. 

4.she said that it looked like lizard skin, but it seemed to be from a warm-blooded animal, perhaps a bird. we didn't understand what it was. 

5.i said that there was no hurry, but there was nothing more i could do. 

today i had p.e. class. we did something other than do exercises though. instead we all went on a field trip to a sport musuem. we went in our comfortable uniforms, brought out exercise-books, pencils, and lunches. at the musuem we got a chance to do some handicrafts. when we had to go, i was really sad. i sad goodbye to a nice lady who worked there, and she replied me back with "see you later! ". i guess she knew that it wouldn't be my last time there!    

48 b

49 b

50 c

51 b

52 b

53 a

54 c

55 c

56 a

57 a

58 a

59 b

60 a

61 b

62 a

63 b

64 c

65 c

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