Swap a farm in the north of Scotland. They are
swapping families and schools for a week.
Annabel (14)
Sarah (14)
Day 2
Everyone gets up at 5 am because there's a lot to do on
the farm. Sarah's mum is very nice. She brings me a cup
of tea in bed, but I just go back to sleep. Later, I go outside
to the farmyard to help Sarah's family. Today we are
milking the cows in the barn and feeding the chickens.
The animals are lovely, but I can't stand the smell.
Day 2
Everyone stays in bed late here. It's 8 am and
Annabel's mum is making breakfast! In the afternoon,
we're going shopping on Oxford Street and then
we're going to the cinema! I'm so excited!
Day 4
Sarah's mum takes me to school every morning. We drive
five miles to meet the school bus, which leaves at 7 am.
Sarah's school is very small, but everyone's so friendly.
Day 6
Learning about farming is interesting, but I'm happy I'm
going home tomorrow. The fresh air is nice but it's too
quiet here. I also feel isolated. In the city, the streets are
crowded but you have everything close at hand. I miss
the hustle and bustle of London but I don't want to leave
all my new friends.
Day 4
I travel to Annabel's school by tube. Her school is huge
with 1,500 students and her friends are very interesting
and helpful. I'm enjoying the lessons, but most of all i
love the facilities. The computer room and the
swimming pool are my favourites,
Day 6
Today, I'm feeling a bit tired. It's always noisy here and
you can hear the traffic all night. I think I'm getting a bit
homesick, too. I miss the beautiful landscapes and
the people from my hometown. I'm happy I'm going
home tomorrow but I'm sure I'll visit London and see
Annabel's lovely family again!​


my day.mydaybegins wheniwake up,wash,eat,get dressedand goto school.in high school iuchyus, i especiallyenjoythe english language.after schooli go home,eat,dohomework.after i hadmadelessonsi'mplayingorhanging out with friends! walkwent very well! aftera tiredday you canget some sleep!

1.if you work ’ll pass your exam. d)hard. 2. would you like to drink? a)something 3. you can your knowledge of english if you read more. b)improve 4. it is often quicker to travel by train than by bus. is cheaper.    a)in addition to, 5. what subject at the university is ? b)the most difficult

my name is sam (you can write any name). there are some things, that i don’t like about going to school. first of all i can’t wake up so early in the morning. secondly i don’t like some subjects e.g. maths. thirdly, i am not bothered to do my homework. however, there are some things that i like about school. to start with we got p.e. (physical education(урок спорта в называют p.e.) ) three times a week. also we got history and i like it a lot because we learn many new things. finally in school i meet with my friends and talk to them.

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