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1 as soon as we were included into shop, i have noticed a blue blouse of which dreamt.

2   i told to brothers that to me have occurred.

3   they have asked me to remember still any history.

прочитай   текст.какие   пункты   говорят   тебе   об этом.


напишите даты праздников, празднуемых в россии.\

the 31st of december- new year

the 7th of january-christmas

easter- the date changes every year

the 14th of february-valentine's day

the 23th of february- protector of the motherland day

the 8th of march- international women's day

the 12th of april- cosmonaut's day

the 1st of may- spring and labor day

the 9th of may -victory day

the 12th of  june- russian day

the 4th of november- day of national unity





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