III. Завдання: розкрити
дужки, використовуючи
ThePresent Perfect Tense
1. I (to see) Ben this week.
2. We (not to move) to Kyiv yet.
3. You ever (to be) to America?
4. The teacher just (to explain)
this rule.


i pushed the button. suddenly i fell down right onto a pile of old grass. when i looked around i witnessed an gigantic forest above the river. at that moment i heard a loudy squawk from the heaven. a giant shade covered me completely. i was full of fear and numb horror and the only thing that i could do is just c; osing my eyes tight. when i thought that it was the end, somebody's strong hand grabbed me and pulled back. when i opened my eyes i saw the dark attic and my uncle in face of me. he took me away to the garden behind the house and gave a glass of water. after an hour he made sure that i calmed down and relaxed completely he suddenly clipped on the back of my head. i promised him to keep silence about his invention and never approached to that time-machine again.


поставь мне "лучшее решение", если несложно.


his birthday is in january.

he likes his birthday very much.

he invited a lot of guests to his birthday party.

the guests are coming in the evening. he hopes they’ll give him cards and presents.

поставь "лучшее решение", если несложно.

1 I have seen Ben this week

2 We haven't moved to...

3 Have you ever been to...

4 The teacher has just explained

1 I have seen Ben this week
2 We haven’t moved to Kyiv yet
3 Have you ever been to America?
4 The teacher just have explained this rule
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