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"any" означает "любой", "какой-либо", "всякий" (press any key. нажмите любую клавишу). также может означать "никакой" "many" означает "много" для счетных существительных. (there is...Подробнее
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Aplace, a gallery, actors, a politician, enjoy, a town, a famous park, an active part, interesting, adventures, an answer, islands, a character, london, history, agata christie, an...Подробнее
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Алгебра, 22.03.2020, Sykaper
-our organise wants to   protect the environment. -we fight against water and air    pollute -are you unhappy with the ecological situate  in your region?  ...Подробнее
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1) do you like autumn? 2) do you play tennis in summer? 3) can you ski and skate? 4) has he got a nice bike? 5) does she like spring?...Подробнее
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a. he is having a bath b. no, thanks. i don't eat ice-cream. c. we can't play tennis because it is raining. d. i don't understand what you are saying. e. what are you doing tonight...Подробнее
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